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Develop KM skills. Strengthen capacity in KM. Build better global health programs.

When the global health workforce has access to high-quality scientific evidence and programmatic experience, they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively—and help save and improve lives. Knowledge management (KM) is a systematic approach to generating, collecting, organizing, and synthesizing knowledge at all levels of the health system—from the global, regional, and national levels to the community level—so that the health workforce can find, share, and use critical information to improve their programs.   

The Knowledge Management Training Package for Global Health has everything you need—from slide decks and exercises to samples and templates—to teach and train the health workforce about what KM is, why KM is a critical component of global health programs, and how to apply KM in programs.  

How to use the KM Training Package

For KM Trainers 

Strengthen the KM capacity of the global health workforce. From general knowledge management topics to specialist areas, this website includes the training materials you need to deliver a comprehensive KM workshop. 

Explore the training modules

From topics like how to assess information needs and develop a KM strategy to specialist areas including storytelling, visual content, eLearning, and more, the KM Training Package has a range of training modules. Mix and match the modules of interest to meet your own audiences’ particular needs.  


Additional materials to help you evaluate your training workshop: 

Build your agenda

Explore our sample workshop agendas with suggested training modules and materials to meet different needs: 

  • Just the KM basics (1-day agenda): Introduces KM and how to apply KM in health programs. (English | French)
  • Deep dive into KM (3.5-day agenda): Introduces KM and details how to apply KM in health programs through the 5-step KM Road Map (English | French)
  • Deep dive into KM + specialized KM areas (5-day agenda): Builds on the deep dive agenda by adding sessions to explore specialized KM tools and techniques (English | French)
Adapt the training materials

We encourage you to adapt the materials to make them relevant to your specific audience. You can: 

  • Replace the current examples in slide decks and exercises with local or project-specific examples 
  • Add context-specific content to the slides such as your own challenges, goals, processes, and protocols 
  • Include culturally appropriate photos on the slides 

All slide decks, exercises, and templates are in editable Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats, and you don’t need our permission to adapt the materials.  

Deliver your training and build better programs!

Once you have your materials ready, it’s time to deliver your training and help your teams build better programs!

Drop us an email and let us know how you’re using the KM Training Package. 

For Learners

Learn about and boost your skills in KM. While the training materials were developed specifically for Trainers, the resources included on this site—from introductory modules on knowledge management to those on specialized KM approaches—can also be used for self-guided study. You’ll find practical tools to learn KM on your own and help you start using KM in your work now! 

Choose a training module

From general knowledge management topics—like how to assess information needs and develop a KM strategy—to specialist areas including storytellingvisual contenteLearning, and more, the KM Training Package has a range of training modules. Browse the list of topics available and choose the ones of interest to you.  

Learn about KM and build your skills

Start with the slide decks in each training module and read through the slides and notes on your own to learn about KM. You can also complete the exercises on your own to put theory into action.  

Download samples, templates, and more

Are you looking for practical tools to help you get started with KM? Download our sample KM outputs and templates and use them as-is or adapt them for your own needs.   

All slide decks, exercises, and templates are in editable Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats, and you don’t need our permission to adapt the materials.

Find your next training module

Keep exploring our training modules and see what you will learn next!

Drop us an email and let us know how you’re using the KM Training Package. 

What’s included in the KM Training Package

Foundational resources

The KM Road Map, the KM Pocket Guide, the Building Better Programs Guide, and the Equity in KM Checklist offer an entry point for trainers and beginners alike 

Slide decks

PowerPoint slide decks with detailed presenter notes that trainers can use or adapt to explain the content of the training module to training participants 


Exercises to allow training participants to practice putting the theory from the didactic presentations into action 


Sample KM outputs, like sample KM strategies and information needs assessment reports, to make KM more practical 


Models and guides with predefined headings and other content to help you put KM into action 

Bonus materials

Supplementary materials like guides and reports to provide additional insights or more details on a given topic 

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