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About this training module

Learn how to use Net-Map, an interview-based mapping tool to help people visualize the different actors that influence outcomes, to plan your KM initiative in this module.

Net-Map, developed by Eva Schiffer, is a participatory approach for visualizing, discussing, analyzing, and improving influence networks. It is a low-tech, low-cost, participatory approach that is generally intuitive and easy to understand across cultures. Net-Map provides a flexible framework and can be used for formative needs assessments, developing processes, or as a problem solving approach.  It can help answer questions like:

  • Who can influence our success?
  • What formal and informal channels can we use?
  • Who is influential? Who are the core actors?
  • What are their roles? What are their goals?
  • What are the networks of stakeholders?
  • Have we collaborated with these networks/organizations in the past?
  • What are potential coalitions and bottlenecks?

What training participants will learn

Understand what Net-Map is

Identify the key steps in developing a network map

Become familiar with previous experiences and lessons learned from Net-Mapping in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Malawi

Understand available tools and resources for planning and implementing Net-Map

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

1 sample/template

Bonus materials:

1 questionnaire for an after-action review for Net-Map facilitators

1 report of how Net-Map was used for a needs assessment

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1 slide, 1 template, 1 exercise, 2 supplements