Checklist for Assessing Equity in Knowledge Management Initiatives

A practical tool for integrating equity in knowledge management 

To ensure effective knowledge management (KM), all global health workforce members must engage in the knowledge cycle, and KM systems must value and respect each individual’s unique knowledge needs, experience, and perspective, regardless of their geographic location, age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, or other identity. However, power and privilege imbalances are embedded in global health programs and their KM systems and processes, resulting in unfair differences in knowledge access, creation, sharing, and use among groups of health workforce members. Programs must therefore address these avoidable and remediable differences, which may require providing greater support or resources to historically marginalized groups to achieve more equal KM outcomes across all health workforce members.  

This checklist and the accompanying how-to guide for using the checklist aims to help global health program teams: 

  • Raise their awareness about potential inequities in KM and suggest how these inequities can be addressed 
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in their KM initiative as they relate to equity and identify where to focus their efforts to achieve more equitable KM 
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