About this training module

Stories can compel people to act. Gain valuable guidance and tips on how to write stories that move people to take action in this module.

This module provides an overview of storytelling as a knowledge management approach. Stories can be an effective and memorable way to share tacit, experiential knowledge with our audiences. While data and evidence are essential to knowledge-sharing, stories can bring data to life by shedding light on the human experience. While much of the practical knowledge in this module is informed by K4Health’s experience leading the global Family Planning Voices initiative with FP2020, these fundamental storytelling tips and tools are applicable to many forms of storytelling and useful for knowledge management, communications, and advocacy professionals in a range of sectors.

What training participants will learn

Understand the rationale for using storytelling as a knowledge-sharing approach

Become familiar with examples of effective, evidence-based storytelling initiatives

Identify elements of effective storytelling

Describe common storytelling pitfalls

Understand the importance of ethics in storytelling

Become familiar with the essential tips for interviewing and photography

Understand the importance of knowing your audience

Become familiar with process for crafting the story

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

2 videos

Bonus materials:

1 audio recording from StoryCorps

2 program experiences

2 collections of storytelling resources

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