Organizing Information


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Organizing Information

Organizing Information

About this training module

Developing a new website? Learn the seven steps for organizing web content to support usability and findability of the information and access a list of free online tools in this module.

Information architecture is the practice of deciding how to organize, structure, and label content for a website, application, or other project to support usability and findability of the information it contains. Good information architecture helps users focus on their tasks, understand where they are on a platform, what they’ve found, what else they might be able to find, and what to expect. The outputs of information architecture include things like site maps, taxonomies, navigation menus, and metadata. This module, based on decades of experience with arranging and managing web content in various ways to serve different audience needs, provides an overview of what information architecture is and dives into seven steps to organize web content.

What training participants will learn

Understand what information architecture is, and how it functions (in everyday life and on websites)

Identify the steps involved in planning and arranging content

Become familiar with a variety of organizing schemas

Become familiar with the available tools for developing and testing different architecture approaches

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1 exercise

1 sample/template

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