Documenting Program Experiences


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Documenting Program Experiences

Documenting Program Experiences

About this training module

Documenting program experiences helps program teams and others build the evidence and learn about what works and what does not work.  

This module provides an overview of how to document program experiences. Documentation is important because it allows us to use knowledge to inform and improve programs. It also contributes to the evidence base around what works and what does not work, prevents us from “reinventing the wheel,” and helps us convert tacit knowledge (the “know-how” in people’s head) to explicit knowledge (knowledge that can be easily stored and shared in formats such as databases or publications). 

What training participants will learn

Understand the importance of documenting programs

Learn the importance of defining your audience, their learning style, and choosing the right format for your documentation efforts

Identify the value of sharing the same program experiences through different formats

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

3 samples/templates

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