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By strengthening KM capacity, you are helping programs learn more, share more, and achieve more.

We believe knowledge is one of our most valuable assets to address global health challenges.

Knowledge management (KM) describes a set of skills and approaches to help people find, share, and use critical knowledge. When people share what they know, and can find what they need, programs are able to reach their full potential and avoid repeating costly mistakes. This means better outcomes for individuals, communities, and health systems. 

The Knowledge Management Training Package for Global Health Programs is an online training resource with numerous ready-to-use training modules for KM trainers and health program managers. It covers topics ranging from how to apply KM in global health to storytelling, visual content, peer assists, and after-action reviews. If your goal is to strengthen the capacity of the global health workforce to manage and share critical knowledge needed to deliver results, then you’re in the right place! 

Develop KM skills. Strengthen capacity in KM. Build better global health programs.

This comprehensive set of training materials may be freely adapted and used by trainers or program staff to share the power of knowledge management. 

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Our story

The Knowledge Management Training Package for Global Health Programs is managed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). Drawing on decades of collaborative work with the United States Agency for International Development to share family planning and related global health knowledge around the world, we launched the website in 2017 under the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project and, since 2019, continue to manage and update it under the Knowledge SUCCESS project 

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