Communities of Practice


About this training module

Understand the value of a community of practice (CoP) and master strategies to foster engagement among CoP members in this module.

A CoP is a group of individuals who interact over time and are bound together by a shared interest or purpose. CoPs promote collaboration and encourage sharing of best practices and lessons learned. They can also help members solve particular problems. One way to think about a CoP is to consider the goal of the CoP: is the goal for members to share knowledge and learn from each other? Then it is likely a CoP.


This module is based on the Knowledge for Health Project’s experience with managing and supporting communities of practice over many years for optimal knowledge exchange and includes tips on how to create and manage a CoP to achieve your knowledge exchange goals.

What training participants will learn

Understand what a CoP is and how it can be used to facilitate knowledge exchange

Understand how to plan for success, what different platforms and techniques can be used, and how to choose what’s best for a given audience

Become familiar with some common challenges and lessons learned based on active CoPs

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

2 samples/templates

Bonus materials:

1 guide on how to organize discussion forums

1 report containing recommendations for modern CoPs

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