Content Adaptation

Content Adaptation

About this training module

Sometimes you need to create new content, but other times you don’t have to start from scratch. Learn how to adapt existing content to better serve your audiences in this training module.

Content Adaptation is the process of taking existing content and making it suitable for a new use, platform, or audience. The abundance of online health content—from eLearning courses to technical guidelines to research papers—provides a tremendous number of opportunities for learning, sharing, and career development. However, content is not sufficient by itself. It is important to provide it in the appropriate context and the language of the people who will use it.

What training participants will learn

Understand and be able to define content adaptation

Identify the key steps and considerations in the content adaptation process

Become familiar with activity sheets and exercises that guide through the content adaptation process

This module includes:

1 slide deck

1 exercise

3 samples/templates

Bonus materials:

3 guidance materials on content adaptation

1 program experience

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