KM Tools and Techniques Matrix

The KM Tools and Techniques Matrix provides a visual depiction of the four broad approaches that different KM tools and techniques use in the KM cycle to generate, capture, and share knowledge:

  • Asking approaches, such as after-action reviews, knowledge cafes, peer assists, and other types of events and meetings, can be helpful for eliciting tacit knowledge (the "know-how" that is in people's heads)
  • Telling approaches, such as conferences, webinars, and workshops, are useful for conveying knowledge to defined groups of people
  • Publishing approaches, such as job aids, e-learning courses, or websites, are efficient tools for sharing explicit knowledge with large groups of people
  • Searching approaches, including libraries, taxonomies in databases, and facets or filters on search engines, allow people to pull the information they need, when they need it

This matrix is referred to throughout the training modules, and especially in the Step 3 (Create and Iterate) module. If conducting a face-to-face KM training workshop and the trainer has printing capabilities, the trainer can print a copy of the matrix and hang it in the venue or provide participant handouts for the participants to refer to throughout the training.