Peer Assist


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Peer Assist

Peer Assist

About this training module

Peer Assists provide a structured, participatory process for peer learning and exchange between a team with relevant experience and another team new to a process. 

This module provides an overview of Peer Assist—a systematic, participatory approach that focuses on “learning before doing.” With this method, a person or group new to a process seeks advice from a person or group with relevant experience in a given topic. Peer assists encourage participatory learning through mostly verbal communication. Similar to a brainstorming session, but with more guidelines to help frame the conversation and discussion, Peer Assists are helpful when there is a specific question or challenge to address. They are often conducted at the beginning of a project or activity, allowing the learning team to implement new or innovative approaches suggested to them by their peers. 

What training participants will learn

Understand what the Peer Assist method is and why it is useful

Describe how to plan and host a successful Peer Assist

Become familiar with examples of in-person, hybrid, and virtual methods

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

1 sample/template

1 video introducing the method

1 web resource about the peer assist method

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