Step 3: Create & Iterate

Create & Iterate

About this training module

In this module, learn how to use the KM Tools & Techniques Matrix to explore approaches that collect information and that connect people to each other.

It’s time to develop knowledge management (KM) tools and techniques! In Step 3 of the KM Road Map (Create and Iterate), we develop new KM tools and techniques, or tailor existing ones, to facilitate information sharing and use to help achieve the KM objectives.


What do we mean by KM tools and techniques? And how do we go about creating them–and iterating or improving them? In this training module, training participants will learn about the wide range of KM tools available  and understand how different types of KM tools and techniques can be applied to health programs to meet the knowledge needs of specific audiences. For example, they’ll learn that KM tools can be as diverse as websites and databases (what people tend to think of as KM) to activities that connect people together to discuss and learn from each other (for example, through peer assists and knowledge cafes).


Participants will also learn how to apply the EAST Framework—a behavioral economics tool that distills four key behavioral principles—to design effective KM tools and techniques. EAST stands for Easy, Attractive, Social, and Timely.  

What training participants will learn

Describe the continuum of KM tools and techniques that can be applied to meet different KM needs

Understand how different types of KM approaches can be applied to health

Recall what EAST stands for and how to apply those principles to design effective and efficient KM tools and techniques 

Explore how to use low-cost techniques like usability testing to iterate and improve KM tools and techniques 


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