Step 4: Mobilize & Monitor

Mobilize & Monitor

About this training module

Looking for ways to monitor your KM initiative? This training module covers three lenses—reach & engagement, behavioral science, and equity—through which you can monitor KM tools and techniques.

You’ve developed knowledge management (KM) tools and techniques and now you’re ready to put them into action. Congratulations! Monitoring how these KM tools and techniques are being used by your audiences is a critical step in this process. Through monitoring, you will track what is occurring and compare it with what you had initially planned to accomplish. You may decide that you need to make some midcourse adjustments or adaptations to your plan to ensure you stay on track to achieve success.


This training module will help training participants increase their awareness and understanding of team dynamics as implementation of the KM initiative unfolds, as well as key activities to undertake during implementation including promotion and dissemination of your KM tools and techniques and monitoring them and adapting as necessary to ensure you are on the path toward success.

What training participants will learn

Recall stages in team development

Identify several channels or methods that can be used to promote and disseminate your KM tools and techniques to your intended audience

Define three lenses through which you can monitor KM tools and techniques and select appropriate indicators and data sources 

This module includes:

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1 slide deck

2 exercises

4 samples/templates

Bonus materials:

1 guide for monitoring & evaluating KM in global health

1 checklist for data quality assessment

1 handbook for building trust in diverse teams

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