Step 5: Evaluate & Evolve

Evaluate & Evolve

About this training module

What does evaluation of KM initiatives look like? In this module, learn about three outcome levels and evaluation designs to measure those outcomes.

You are at a point in your knowledge management (KM) intervention–whether that be at the midpoint of implementation or at the end–where you want to assess how well you achieved your KM objectives to improve your health program and how much you can attribute those changes to your KM intervention. It’s time to conduct an evaluation! Remember though that evaluations should be planned for at the beginning of designing your KM intervention.


Not all KM interventions will have the resources or the need to conduct a formal evaluation. But an evaluation can be helpful if you need information on how much to continue investing in a particular KM intervention or whether to scale it up.


In this training module, training participants will increase their awareness and understanding of evaluation concepts, including different outcome levels that you can focus your evaluation on, evaluation designs, and techniques to synthesize the evaluation data. The module also covers the critical tasks of what to do when you’ve completed the evaluation: sharing the findings and promoting use of those findings in practice.

What training participants will learn

Describe the difference between monitoring and evaluation

Describe three levels of outcomes in KM interventions

Explain key elements of strong evaluation designs

Understand best practices for using tables and figures to synthesize evaluation data

List a range of formats that can be used to share evaluation findings with stakeholders

Identify strategies for promoting the use of results in policy and practice

This modules includes:

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1 slide deck

1 exercise

2 samples/templates

Bonus materials:

2 M&E-related guides

9 assessment reports of different types of KM interventions

1 additional list of journal articles on evaluations of KM interventions

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