Assessing the Effects of a Storytelling Initiative: Results of the Family Planning Voices Evaluation (Phase I)

In 2015, the Knowledge for Health Project and Family Planning 2020 created Family Planning Voices (FP Voices) to document and share real stories from people around the world who are passionate about family planning. At the time, there had been no systematic investigation documenting the impact of a storytelling approach in family planning. This study sought to answer the following research questions:

  1. What effect did FP Voices have on workshop attendees, interviewees, interviewers, and story readers’ knowledge, attitudes, practice, and ability to share information with their social networks (i.e., to diffuse information) related to family planning? and
  2. How can we improve FP Voices with regard to the use of narrative as a tool to share knowledge related to family planning?


Type of KM Approach: