KM Road Map for Public Health Emergencies

KM Road Map for Public Health Emergencies

About this training module

Discover a 6-step systematic process for applying knowledge management in a public health emergency

During a public health emergency, it is essential that public health professionals have access to accurate, up-to-date information they can use to inform their work. However, given the quantity of information being shared during such an emergency this can often be challenging. In emergency settings, where speed is of the utmost importance, Knowledge Management (KM) tools and techniques can strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange and ensure the latest evidence is put into practice. This KM Road Map for Public Health Emergencies provides an overview of how to implement KM during a public health emergency, such as an infectious disease outbreak. It outlines a step-by-step process that implementing partners, public health professionals, and donors can adapt to their contexts.

What training participants will learn

How to apply the KM Road Map to a public health emergency response.

How to design KM interventions that address choice and cognitive overload during a public health emergency, using case studies that can be applied to each step of the KM Road Map.

How to use customizable templates to help guide implementation of the KM response in their own emergency context.

This module includes:

Guides, slide decks, templates, and a video available in English, French, Portuguese, and Swahili.


Des guides, des diapositives, des modèles et une vidéo sont disponibles en anglais, en français, en portugais et en swahili.


Guias, apresentações de diapositivos, modelos e um vídeo disponível em inglês, francês, português e suaíli.


Miongozo, staha za slaidi, violezo, na video inayopatikana katika Kiingereza, Kifaransa, Kireno na Kiswahili.

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