Storytelling Resources

Family Planning Voices Storytelling Toolkit: K4Health and FP2020 created Family Planning Voices in 2015 to document and share real stories from people around the world who are passionate about family planning. Since then, the FP Voices photoblog has featured hundreds of stories from family planning providers, implementers, donors, policymakers, advocates, and clients from more than 50 countries—and there are many stories left to tell. This Storytelling Toolkit, included as a resource for the Storytelling module, shares essential tips and tools for conducting an interview (including a sample interview guide) and for making impactful photographs. While useful for FP Voices-style storytelling, these tips and techniques are foundational for a range of story formats and styles.

FP INFOcus Guide: The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) created the FP INFOcus Guide to encourage young sexual and reproductive health champions to come together to create and promote short videos that share contraceptive knowledge and model key skills – all using their mobile phones. Included as a resource for the Storytelling module, The Guide promotes the use of participatory video and mobile-first approaches to create videos that feature authentic voices and perspectives, in a way that is quick, easy, and low budget. The Guide includes everything users need to prepare, produce and promote mobile-phone videos to improve youth awareness of their full range of contraceptive options. It is intended for a variety of audiences, including groups of young family planning champions, youth-led organizations, youth-focused professionals and individual family planning users who want to share their experiences with a particular method. The main body of the Guide is available to download, as are the individual appendices.

Web Writing for Beginners: Top Ten Tips: While included as a resource for the Storytelling module, this handout is useful in applying a range of KM approaches, particularly those that involve, web writing, publishing, and communication. What do people need to know when they start writing for the Web? Managing knowledge effectively includes putting knowledge and experience into forms that other people can find, absorb, and apply in their own work. A web page or blog post that is clearly written, scannable, and low in jargon will be more useful to more people. Drawn from nearly twenty years of web writing experience, this Top Ten Tips handout is a two-page PDF condensation of a longer piece on The Exchange, K4Health's archived publication on Medium.

Thinking of Making a Whiteboard Animation? Read This First!: Included as a resource for the Storytelling module, this short Medium article by K4Health addresses the learning curve that comes with learning to make simple animated videos. K4Health’s video production lead shares eight tips that will save readers time and effort as they strive to produce an engaging video.

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