Sample KM Strategy: UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Knowledge Management 2018-2021

Sample KM Strategy from UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Region

The UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Region KM strategy sets out to establish a simple and harmonized system that extracts, packages, distributes and continually updates evidence, data and knowledge for internal and external audiences. It outlines a systematic approach to support strengthening KM culture, environment and function to prioritise knowledge gathering, development of knowledge products, share, disseminate and importantly emphasize on the utility of knowledge, to influence action. The strategy sets out to improve KM in the region by:

  • Setting a framework to consider around KM work
  • Establishing the management and coordination mechanisms to support this
  • Identifying proposed roles as well as supporting references on good KM practices
  • Implementing, monitoring and reporting on key KM actions