Sample KM Strategy: Regional Strategy for Knowledge Management to Support Public Health

Sample KM Strategy from the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean

This WHO regional strategy for the Eastern Mediterranean on knowledge management aims to increase awareness and understanding of knowledge management; identify potential benefits of knowledge management to all stakeholders; provide a framework for resources mobilization in support of specific projects; communicate good knowledge management practice; act as a basis for operational plans for knowledge management at both regional and national scale; and constitute a road map for action and a mechanism for monitoring of progress. The strategy sets strategic directions for action in support of knowledge management both at regional level and at country level.

Strategic directions at regional level include:

  • Managing knowledge policies at the Regional Office
  • Enhancing publishing and dissemination of health information
  • Promoting electronic publishing
  • Strengthening multilingualism
  • Enhancing networking and communication
  • Developing the Eastern Mediterranean Knowledge Network (EMKNet) as a strategic solution for networking and a platform for knowledge sharing in the Region

At country level, strategic directions are to:

  • Leverage e-health, or the use of ICT in health
  • Build capacity for needs assessment, planning and evaluation
  • Strengthen national programmes for knowledge management
  • Enhance ICT infrastructure in health care insititutions
  • Develop human resources
  • Strengthen knowledge translation
  • Promote knowledge generation
  • Develop knowledge hubs in WHO country offices

(Copied from the Executive Summary)