Global Health KM Logic Model

The Knowledge Management for Global Health Logic Model was developed by the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative to assist with planning and evaluating knowledge management (KM) interventions in global health programs. It provides a visual depiction of the relationships between the resources, processes, outputs, and outcomes of KM interventions in global health programs. You can use the logic model as a framework for focusing the scope of an information needs assessment conducted under Step 1 (Assess Needs) of the KM Road Map, as a tool to help you develop the objectives of your KM intervention under Step 2 (Design Strategy) of the Road Map, and as a reference to help monitor and evaluate your KM intervention, under Step 4 (Mobilize and Monitor) and Step 5 (Evaluate and Evolve) of the Road Map. 

If conducting a face-to-face KM training workshop and the trainer has printing capabilities, the trainer can print a copy of the logic model and hang it in the venue or provide participant handouts for the participants to refer to throughout the training.