Supplements for Trainers

Select Theories Relevant to KM

This is a list of theories used by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) project in its knowledge management (KM) work. The theories presented include: Bloom’s taxonomy of learning, diffusion of innovations, ideation, and stages of change. The table lists the focus, key concepts, and KM application for each theory.

KM Tools and Techniques Matrix

The KM Tools and Techniques Matrix provides a visual depiction of the four broad approaches that different KM tools and techniques use in the KM cycle to generate, capture, and share knowledge:

Global Health KM Logic Model

The Knowledge Management for Global Health Logic Model was developed by the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative to assist with planning and evaluating knowledge management (KM) interventions in global health programs. It provides a visual depiction of the relationships between the resources, processes, outputs, and outcomes of KM interventions in global health programs.

Post-Training Evaluation Questionnaire Guide

To evaluate a training workshop, it is common to ask training participants to complete an evaluation form at the close of training to get their feedback on positive aspects of the training as well as aspects that could be improved. Included in this guide are sample questions a trainer can use to develop such a post-training evaluation form. Also included in this guide are sample questions the training team can use to conduct an internal after-action review. An after-action review allows a team to analyze what worked well and what could be done better in the future. 

KM Strategy Template

This is a template to use when developing a knowledge management strategy document. It includes sections such as introduction and background, goals and objectives, guiding principles, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.

Budget Considerations

As you move forward with developing a KM strategy, a corresponding budget and budget narrative should also be developed. As with the strategy in general, your budget will depend on the technical scope, timeframe, and existing resources. This document introduces items you will need to consider when developing a budget, regardless of the scope of your strategy.

Sample and Template for KM Implementation Timeline

This resource includes templates and sample implementation timelines for a knowledge management project. Samples and templates are included for both 3-month and 3-year project timelines.

Monitoring and Evaluating Knowledge Management in Global Health Programs

Knowledge management (KM) is a growing strategic area in the field of global health and development. Over the past 15 years, global health professionals have come to recognize the value of KM as an approach to better share and apply knowledge and expertise at global and local levels to improve health.