Step 3: Create and Iterate

Exercise: Unpacking the KM Tools and Techniques Matrix

The purpose of this exercise is to help participants get more familiar with the four quadrants of the KM Tools and Techniques Matrix (Ask, Tell, Publish, and Search approaches in KM), and with some specific KM tools and techniques that fall under each quadrant. Through use of a card-sorting exercise, the exercise will also put into practical use a specific technique that can be used to get input and feedback on how to structure information and information products.

Creating Tools and Techniques

The goal of Step 3 in the Knowledge Management Road Map is to develop new or tailor existing KM tools and techniques to facilitate information sharing and use to help you achieve the objectives you set forth in your KM strategy. This presentation walks users through the process of creating KM tools and techniques.

Step 3 Trainer Guide

The Trainer Guide to each training module in the KM Training Package should be the starting point for the Trainer when developing training sessions around each module. The Trainer Guide describes the purpose of the training module, the total estimated time needed to deliver the module, and learning objectives of the module, and it provides a detailed sample agenda outlining how to piece together the different presentations, exercises, and breaks into a coherent session.

Monitoring and Evaluating Knowledge Management in Global Health Programs

Knowledge management (KM) is a growing strategic area in the field of global health and development. Over the past 15 years, global health professionals have come to recognize the value of KM as an approach to better share and apply knowledge and expertise at global and local levels to improve health.